We help you visualize your digital future, translating your business needs and desired outcomes into technology strategies and plans

You need to ensure that your IT runs cost-effectively and meets your evolving business needs

Moderor is committed to recommending and providing

innovative technology solutions and services to businesses,

regardless of industry or size, that improve performance,

security and business processes in general



We can help you in approach do you take to bring together all the communication and collaboration tools your employees need to perform at their best ... and offer it to them in an efficient way.

We enable you to pinpoint any gaps that exist between the current 'as is' state

and the desired 'to be' state



The need for robust backup and recovery systems has never been more pressing.

Managed disaster recovery services are designed to offer the most cost-effective disaster recovery.

We supply proactive management of your platform to ensure that it remains stable

and supports business continuity 24x7



Protection of your sensitive data isn't a technical issue.

It's a business issue.


You’ll be able to shield your most precious asset, data, in ways that will allow you to risk less and achieve more.

We cover people, processes, technology, and threat insight, and support outsourced, cloud-based,

and hybrid security infrastructures across multiple vendors and technologies



Upgrading your environment can be complex, costly, and therefore requires careful planning.

We manage and operate your infrastructure in a way that ensures that all your policy,

compliance, performance, availability, and capacity needs are met



Extend the desktop experience securely, delivering the applications necessary to drive your business anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Always on, always available resources and information accessed from anywhere, on any device



Trim operating costs, through consolidation

and/or elimination of physical servers.

Moderor offer services from definition, through to final implementation

using proven frameworks, methodologies, and tools

From end to end, we’ll support you every step of the way on your digital transformation




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