The need for robust backup and recovery systems

has never been more pressing

Managed disaster recovery services are designed to offer the most cost-effective disaster recovery



of companies were immediately put out of business

after a disaster



businesses that close due to a major disaster never reopen

 If you were to lose your company data, could you recover quickly

or would this negatively impact your business operations?

Moderor's industry experience make sure your critical data is effectively backed up in multiple locations to mitigate risk


We help you decide which types of information you need to keep and for how long, where the information should be stored,

and how you’ll access the information



We ensure that your business continuity isn’t interrupted and that your most precious asset – your data – isn’t lost or rendered inaccessible.



Data is at the heart of the digital business.

It’s no longer only about the data you have access to, but how your business exploits data for better and faster decision making and competitive advantage.


Moderor works with you to assess your backup and recovery requirements for on-premise and cloud workloads and data.

To optimise your data centre you need to make strategic decisions about the use of on-premise, hosted and cloud infrastructure.

This will allow you to consolidate your resources, cut costs, and leverage best practices that increase automation and simplify management

Let us help you to effectively manage your data

• improve your ability to recover from data loss, reduce the potential for data loss and ensure that mission critical data is recoverable


• avoid loss of critical data through robust disaster recovery (DR) and backup


• categorise data based on value and importance, in turn driving down costs and reducing complexity to reduce risks


• ensure data is secure, whether on-premise or in the cloud


• to backup virtual machines and data easily and seamlessly, ensuring business continuity


• ensure your network is able to support increased volumes of data

The volume of information that the typical organisation deals with has grown exponentially over the last decade.

Your data is unique and one size doesn't fit all, each solution is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The unstructured nature of big data makes it more vulnerable to security breaches.

Shield your most precious asset, data, in ways that will allow you to risk less and achieve more



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